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Join our campaign to outlaw short-lettings of local homes by rdef

  Join our campaign to outlaw short-lettings of local homes


Join our campaign to outlaw short-lettings of local homes

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The Marchmont Association's campaign to focus public attention on the threat posed by short-lets to the existence of our residential community was highlighted by the Camden New Journal on 8th March 2018. We are extremely concerned about the detrimental effect that the ‘epidemic’ of short-lets is having on our permanent residential community. Although our primary concern is the loss of much-needed permanent housing, we are also concerned about the harm which short-lets inflict on permanent residents in terms of noise nuisance (e.g. rowdy parties), and the feeling of insecurity created by the comings and goings of strangers at all hours of day and night.

A recent report to Camden’s Planning Committee referred to only 73 complaints being registered by Planning Enforcement “so far in 2017-18”, with another 50 being dealt with in consultation with Camden Housing. Our experience tells us that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have therefore asked Camden’s Cabinet Member for Planning (etc), Cllr Danny Beales, to get the Council to raise the stakes with a public awareness campaign that leaves perpetrators in no doubt about the consequences of this illegal activity and makes it easier for residents to complain about suspected short-lets (the reporting link is currently buried in a dense article which takes a cumbersome search to locate).

We are also asking Camden to consider following the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea's lead by introducing a selective short-lets licensing pilot scheme in the worst affected neighbourhoods, primarily located in the area south of Euston Road. Recognising that the Council’s resources are extremely limited, we have suggested that they set up an enforcement unit to work alongside the unit that deals with the registration of Houses in Multiple Occupation, funding any extra staff with income from short-lets registrations and fines.

If you suspect a property is being improperly used for short term/holiday lettings please let Camden know. A 'tell-tale' sign that short-lets are taking place is the presence of small, metal key safes attached to nearby railings, cycle stands (pictured) or next to front entrances. Another sign is people with suitcases congregating on the footway outside houses and flats, where they are waiting patiently for the landlord's representative to let them in. Our advice to local leaseholders and tenants: If you are thinking of renting out your home to short-stay visitors for more than a total of 90 days in a calendar year, you are strongly advised to first check whether there are any restrictions in your leases, tenancies, insurance or type of mortgage that would prevent you letting out your property to somebody else. All tenants should speak to their landlord before letting anyone stay in their home. Council tenants are not permitted to let the whole of a Council rented property. You will need to apply for full planning permission to convert a flat or house into a short term/ holiday let if you intend to let the property for more than a total of 90 days in any one calendar year. Short term lettings are defined as periods of less than 90 days. Permission is not required to let properties on longer leases over 90 days in length, or if you let a room within your property whilst you are still living there on a permanent basis. We urge supporters to report any instances of short term lettings to the Council at www.camden.gov.uk

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Created On 09 March 2018

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